Meet the Villains

Narad Money

Owner of  a shady RDX PR agency that goes by the formal name of Reputation Development Experts but is actually a lethal explosive for competition. He named himself so because Money is most important to him.  This modern Narad slanders against competition and creates doubt in consumers' mind in the digital heaven. For money he can do anything for those who hire his services and what he does goes straight beyond the digital world and into the criminal world. Sly, shifty and scheming this slimy man is a dangerous enemy. 

Rakeysh Aurora

The security provider with a pan India reach whose path is crossed by Daredreamers. 10 rings and talismans seem to drive his business success along with a shrewd and intelligent mind.  When Daredreamers success begins to  hurt him, he does every bit to thwart their growth and stop them in their tracks. Together, he and Narad form a menacing nexus that threatens to undo Daredreamers rising popularity and places them in a sticky spot without a chance at redemption. Do the superheroes manage to wriggle out from the trap set by this deadly duo? Read the novel to find out.