The Four Perspectives

The Four Perspectives

The novel is seen from four unique perspectives of seekers in the journey. Actually they reflect our own state of mind as we go through our life’s journey.

The Believer

Partibhan, initially skeptical of his role and the circumstances that place him in the position of a piritual guide has a moment of revelation which changes him completely. The amazing transformation caused by the detachment he experiences gives rise to a firm belief that people can be changed if they hold on to their convictions. It is this firm conviction in the spiritual laws that sets him off on a life changing journey of 600 kilometers without money, food and belongings. He believes that if a  frail sparrow can be provided with all its needs, then human anxiety and insecurity about survival is baseless. He hopes to prove that survival isn't a big deal. And from here he wishes to tell his followers that if humans remove their focus from survival and the greed to hoard more than they need, then they will begin to move on the path of excellence which they were meant to walk. All the unique talents they are born with, will only help them create value, which only they are capable of, with their unique contributions.

The Explorer

Nikhil is an explorer seeking solutions to his life when it meets a dead end. Rather than despair or rue his fate, he thinks of exploring the promise of happiness that Guru Parmananda offers him. While there are many fake gurus who have made a fool of the world, his instinct guides him to try out the premise of Parmananda’s theory. Guru Parmananda feels that if a sparrow can be provided with what it needs to survive every day, then human beings shouldn’t worry too much about surviving. Rather they should break free from the chains that tie them and do things that can make them truly happy. On reaching India he finds that Guru Parmananda has taken Samadhi and it is the young and apparently inexperienced Swami Partibhan who is in charge. The explorer decides to see what Partibhan has to offer.

The Doubter

All Gurus can only do is to make a fool of their seekers and loot them of their wealth and leave them harmed is what Sanjeev strongly believes. Exposing Swami Partibhan as a fake guru therefore becomes his mission. He thinks that all the great things happening in the journey are stage managed – a drama enacted by the ashram to establish Swami Partibhan in the hearts of the seekers as a true and great guru. He sees every occurrence with doubt and has explanations for everything happening on the ground. He is waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch the guru red handed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Hater

Pathan hates society and the injustice it doles out to most people. Rather than suffer meekly, he becomes an embittered man who sets out on a mission. He becomes an assassin without a conscience and is ready to kill anyone for money. When he is hired by someone he doesn’t think twice and agrees to carry out the job. All the wisdom and insights fail to penetrate his hardened and cynical mind.