The Seekers

The Seekers


Sometimes the worst situations in life can draw the best out of people. A young man who hates all forms of spirituality because his father, now a world renowned guru had abandoned his mother and him to pursue spirituality. He is chased by goons to repay a huge debt he had taken to treat his mother unsuccessfully from cancer. Partibhan is forced by his circumstances to take up being a Guru at the ashram of his father after he takes Samadhi. Not a believer, he flaunts all rules of the ashram while whiling away the two year clause of guruship imposed on him. One day, repulsed by his gluttony he decides to take up his role seriously. While studying the ways of the disciples at his ashram, Partibhan comes to the conclusion that the whole approach is bookish and the spirituality of his seekers stops the moment the discourses are over. To test if the spiritual laws are even practical, he sets out on a 600 km journey on foot without any money and belongings with his seekers. The path breaking journey is transformational not only for him but his followers as well who discover amazing insights.


When every choice in life turns out to be a deadend, you can either despair or can explore options. Facing desertion by his wife and daughter,  the middle aged Nikhil finds that his very successful career as an entrepreneur has stripped him of all happiness and love. He gets a wakeup call when he sees an ad which says that when even a sparrow can live each day of its life joyously, why do humans live anxious lives without happiness. Curious, he travels all the way from UK to India to meet Swami Parmananda, Partibhan’s father. He is disappointed when he comes to know that the famous guru has taken Samadhi. Can the young, inexperienced Partibhan offer what he is looking for? Does he find the happiness he is searching for?


Truth is a fabrication. Sanjeev, an ace detective is assigned to ‘expose’ Partibhan’s journey on foot is not what it seems on the face but a very assisted one. He watches all developments during the journey and reports it to his handler. He is able to discount most of the amazing incidents that happen on the way as a drama enacted to establish Partibhan’s reputation amongst his gullible followers. But in a sudden reversal of roles he finds himself in a fix in which Partibhan has to pass a judgement on him. Does Sanjeev prove that Partibhan is a fake Guru? Read the novel to find out.


Partibhan’s fiancée is also a fellow journeyer. From amusement to awe, she closely watches the transformation of Partibhan into a catalyst of change that she never imagined.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


When the competitor is unbeatable, eliminate to win. 

Pathan is an assassin who makes a living by killing people. A product of a callous society, Pathan believes that justice and equality play in the hands of the rich and mighty. He thinks himself as a person to restore checks and balances, and shift power from those he kills to those who hire him. Who will be his latest victim and is he able to carry out his mission?