Let the light come into your life!

A sparrow trusts the divine and never complains of the rice it didn’t get but the wheat grain it had to eat instead. It never questions divine intelligence. It lives every day of its life joyously. It leaves its destiny into the powerful hands of the divine and lives peacefully. 

But we human beings question everything because we have to see the logic behind everything. 

When the things that should never happen to us, don’t happen, we think we have been betrayed or cheated. We lose faith in divine and take control. We fail to recognize that the force that makes us see with the eye that cannot be replicated; the force that makes our heart pump and feel emotions (a device that keeps working non-stop for as long as some 80 years); the force that runs the autonomous system within us which regulates temperature of our body more efficiently than the best of an air conditioner known to us; the force that runs the miracle of life – this force can have a much higher and intelligent plan for us than our limited thinking can even begin to perceive. We weep, despair and complain because rubbish doesn’t fall on our lap. 

When we cannot get the divine to bring rubbish to our lives we start creating rubbish ourselves and that is where the divine has no control. Because he has given us complete freedom to be whatever we desire to be. It will never let bad things happen to us. Never. But our action’s reaction, to the situations we do not accept, is a law that even he cant change. 

Many years later we always realize why what we did not get was rubbish. But by then it is too late. We, using our freedom, have changed our DNA because of the negative behavior and response to the things we do not accept. These negative patterns seep into our genes and become impossible to remove. We will always get the answers why certain things didn’t happen to us, but they have a habit of coming in late. We have to learn to be patient. 

The sparrow is frail, yet its sight is a joy to behold. Can we not accept what comes and be the sparrows for the world? Let the light flow in and be the light itself? 

Coz when we open the doors and windows to light, life becomes suddenly very bright. And a lot of good starts happening in that light….

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