Some parts of North India experiencing a cold wave in June!

There is a cold wave blowing in North India. Yes, in the middle of June.

The temperature has dipped to 15 degrees centigrade at many places.

Many children have been affected by this wave have been hospitalized with pneumonia. Several of them are on nebulizers. The adults are showing symptoms of cold no medicine can treat. They have bad throats and fever. Yet another set of people have joint pains and body aches. The sale of light blankets and quilts has gone up too.

Don’t believe it? Heat wave is for the poor people. The rich are suffering the impact of a cold wave in June as their air conditioners set on 15 degrees cause all the side effects of a cold wave in North India.

Their children are on nebulizers and many of them have actually been hospitalized because the light quilts they wear at night fell off their body and their body was chilled to sickness.

Two kinds of people, living in two extremes in June, in North India.

Need some balance in life in heat. And everything.

Everyone will pay a price for extremes. Some sooner, others later. There is no getting away from it.

Act now. Achieve balance in life!

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