Meet the Superheroes

Meet the Superheroes



A dreamer with a sharp intellect and a desire to taste juicy carrots instead of running mindless corporate races. When absolute power and wealth begins to corrupt him, he introspects and breaks the very chains of a high paying job that hold him captive. He hits upon a novel idea of creating a kick ass rescue team that is capable of meeting the new challenges a deteriorating planet presents. He not only dreams but dares to dream big and beyond. He brings together a team of Daredreamers. Each of these superheroes has a rare and exceptional talent that is necessary to execute daredevil rescue missions.



An avid sportswoman who reined supreme at the state junior level in athletics and gymnastics, this daredevil loves adventure and is an acclaimed stunts-woman in Bollywood. She is as tall and has a muscular in build. Despite her standing in the industry, she nurses a hurt—not from the many injuries she has sustained while executing stunts for Bollywood heroines—but an emotional one. The grave, personal risks she takes to add thrill to films as a body double had doubled the fame of the heroines but had done little to bring her out of the shadows.


The sharpshooter in the team. All of six feet, and lean in build, just like the streamlined arrows he shoots with a deadly precision. An ace at archery and shooting with guns and pistols, he used to train relentlessly in his spare time and was the hardest to recruit. Before joining Daredreamers, his sole ambition was to use his skill to win international competitions and medals. He relents when Rasiq convinces him that the work he would be involved in would be no less prestigious and worthy.



A bodyguard by training he was been fired from his job for falling in love with the daughter of the owner of his security company. Halka is left with no options but to do odd jobs and is a drifter when Rasiq meets him at the workshop where his bike is being repaired. The real life superhero has muscles of steel and can handle a 180 kg weight as if it were an iPad mini.

Dr. MD Vyom

The oldest member of the team, he has a keen observation, and is quick, accurate and confident in his diagnosis. This makes him a Sherlock Holmes in Medicine. MD Vyom insists on everyone addressing him with the prefix ‘MD’. He does this to remind himself of the dead weight of his doctor’s degree, which hadn’t gotten him anything apart from misery. His unconventional but accurate diagnostic abilities scare his patients who think of him more of a freak than a medicine doctor and as a result he has very few patients before he joins Daredreamers.


Rasiq’s batch mate from IIT Delhi—Nick, aka Sriniketh believes he is a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla. Nick is short and extremely thin. His spiky hair stand on their ends, giving him what he believes is a nerdy look, but what his friends think is a result of a severe shock he received during his experiments in one of his Tesla moments. His home is not a home but a library. And a laboratory which he calls the Labrary. He is a crazy innovator who swears by Google and the internet and his favorite wish is to be buried in his Dropbox when the time comes. A creator of amazing gadgets, he doesn’t want to ‘patent’ his gadgets because he feels they are derived from the hard work and sweat of greats.