Warning: Don’t let yourself be Hijacked

We are constantly being hijacked from that space we need exclusively to ourselves. Where we connect with our inner being. Have a conversation with our self. Get to know where we were supposed to be and where we are. Introspect. Connect. Course correct.

But somehow we have come to dread this coming face to face with our self. There is a reason. We do not wish to face the discomfort that entails: We are happy doing whatever we are doing. Inconsequential things because they are easy.

Facebook. Ipods. TV. Time at the pub. Ticking off lists whenever free. Looking for more work. Chatting. Calling a friend. Surfing the net for no reason. Checking mails, ten times a day.

These activities and platform are not bad in themselves, but the excess is what takes us away from the inner silence we must have.

Why do we avoid this?

It is because inside we know we have a lot of potential in us. But it would need application. Some tough times. Difficult days, maybe years. Compared to it, the present with all the distraction is so comfortable. And what does one need anyway? We argue? Bread, butter and money enough for EMIs to pay? Why chase impossible dreams?

Chodo yaar. Jane bhi do. Chalta hai. Enjoy this moment.

Fine. It’s an attitude. No harm in just wishing to survive one day from the next.

But then why are we unhappy deep within? At the party we paste plastic smiles, seem to crack jokes that make others laugh, steal the show with our dresses and hair style. But when we reach home, try to sleep, why is there this restlessness. This lack of joy?

It is because the shell in which we have chosen to live, the complete environment that we have build around us is not our real self. We have drowned it in the cacophony of excesses. We don’t wish to face it.

Remember the ambitions you had at 18? The passion to do something different? Where has it gone? And dint people swear by your talents? That mellifluous voice? The uncanny play of fingers on the strings of guitar. The jugglery with logarithms to create some amazing programming. The ability to fix any faulty electronic goods. The ability to pen a thought. The ability to run faster than the rest. The ability to make any doodle look like awesome art.

Where have all those abilities gone? Those amazing things cannot be forgotten. They were pushed under the carpet because they made you uncomfortable. Needed lot of hardwork to nurture and give shape to. Compared to getting any job, earning a decent wage.

Isnt it so remarkably easy to comply than try to stand out. And that’s what we did to ourselves.

At the end of it?

Life passes us by. Hira janam anmol tha, maati bhaav gawai…..

We sigh. Regret. Of what we could have been and what we turned out to be. We look at other people’s efforts with a tinge of jealousy. Some of these were not as capable as we were. They were mediocre but they turned out to be better than us. Did they get godfathers to achieve success? We wonder.

Right and wrong. When you want something, the universe conspires to give you that very thing. You wish comfort? You will get your BMWs, your Bunglows, your favourite beverage.

You want evolution? Nurturing that exceptional talent? You meet mentors on your journey, Godfathers. Unexpected breaks.

It is you decide what you wish the Universe to do for you.

You can perform miracles with your life but you need to connect with your self. You need to be silent on a daily basis. You need to be unplugged from all those gadgets that surround you. Only then you can be what you were meant to be. An exceptional person.

And not a rat in the rat race.

Happy evolution.


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